August ’18 Kickstarter Round-up

Is it just us or has summer gone by too quickly? Our Kickstarter Round-Up comes a bit early this month so we can include some of the creators we met at Play NYC earlier this month.

From Play NYC


Hamsterdam is a kung-fu arcade brawler in development for Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.


Using a combination of targeting and rhythm systems, you fight back against the Rodent Gang to defend Hamsterdam from thugs. We had the chance to play the demo at Manhattan Center and had a ton of fun smacking rabbit gangsters around. Better yet, you can back the project for only $10 to get the early access, digital soundtrack, and access to the game on all platforms. Hamsterdam is halfway to reaching its funding goal of $8,000 and will remain open until September 28th.


Hero: Tales of the Tomes


Tucked away in the corner of Manhattan Center’s lowest level was the new multiplayer card game, Hero: Tales of the Tomes. Imagine a competitive multiplayer card game that eliminates the need for deck building or new purchasing new cards that brings even more players together.

Designed for play between two to five players, Hero: Tales of the Tomes eliminates the need for deck building by consolidating the game into a single deck used by all players. Players each choose their hero class which will level up over the course of each game, gaining new class specific advantages over other players. By acquiring companions, spells, and equipment, each player will grow in strength and compete to be the ultimate Hero of legend.

The campaign as already been fully funded, but it doesn’t close until Thursday, August 30th so there’s still plenty of time to back the project. At only $29 to get a copy of Hero: Tales of the Tomes and plenty of wooden token stretch goal yet to be unlocked, now is the time to dive in.

Saturday Morning Games


Who doesn’t love Saturday morning cartoons from the 80’s? Waking up early, grabbing a bowl of cereal, and sitting down to watch Autobots and Decepticons duke it out. How dearly we miss the pre-Michael Bay era of television.

Saturday Morning Games captures that nostalgic feeling by pitting players against each other in head-to-head combat using 80’s cartoons inspired weapons and attacks. In order to attack each other, players build stack combinations of cards using weapons, actions, and characters to describe how the Mega Transforming Robot Jerk swung his energy mace at the Barbarian Dude. Players can compete against one another in an all out free-for-all or in teams. To back this project and receive a copy of the game, backers will need to pledge $33. This project closes on Saturday on August 25th, but with an estimated delivery of November of this year, it’s a great project to back if you’re looking for a short wait time.


From Kickstarter

Knights of Light


Last month we featured Knight of Light,which is still live now. Self-described as an independent AAA game developed by Rumbling Games., Knights of Light is being created by a team of five people with the passion to make an epic RPG with inspirations from studios like CD Projekt Red and Ninja Theory. Knights of Light is an action adventure role playing game set in an open world with a narrative historical story. Below is a quote taken directly off their Kickstarter page:

“Knights of Light is a new game franchise based on the history of the middle east. It covers a time period from early medival to late medieval ages which is a fresh and original scope that is NEVER introduced before. The story will feature war and conflicts from different perspectives. The player will not find pure angels against worthless barbarians, instead he will face moral and diverse conflicts with deep character development from both his allies and enemies through the campaign.”

While it’s only in its pre-alpha phase Rumbling Games has published some in-engine gameplay footage.


Pledging $23 will get you access to a digital copy of the game when it becomes available. The campaign will remain active until September 23rd, so there’s still plenty of time to back it.




Inspired by the top-down action adventure classics such as Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past comes Sikanda from Dyadic Games. Set on the fantasy island of Galintrea, players embark on an adventure wielding Sikanda, the titular shape-shifting weapon that bestows immense power onto its user. Gameplay combines action and puzzles that utilize various combinations of Sikanda’s twelve forms in order to complete challenges.




Loaded with charming nostalgic style, Sikanda is looking quite promising. Sikanda is currenlty planned for Nintendo Switch and PC and can be purchased by backing the project for $23 or more which you can do before September 18th.


Updates from July’s Kickstarter Roundup:

Raid of Regions has a week left in its campaign with another $6,000 to raise before Saturday August 25th.

Dark Light is still alive and kicking. With more than two weeks left, Dark Light is closing in on its goal of $5,817.

HOLFRAINE: Black Eyes Trooper has closed after exceeding its goal. You can still follow along to learn about any potential late pledges. But backers can look forward to seeing HOLFRAINE: Black Eyes Trooper in a few months.

Trogdor!! The Board Game reached a total of 1.4 million raised, doubling its funding goal.