Hands-on with B.O.O.M. You Win

Couch multiplayer is a dying genre, so I’m always happy to see a developer add a little more life to my favorite way of playing. Large or small, any company who’s willing to develop a game around the increasingly rare experience of competing with friends who are in the same room as me. Thanks to Kickin’ Rad Games, we can start looking forward to B.O.O.M. You Win, an explosively chaotic game of keep-away.

B.O.O.M. You Win is a multiplayer game that pits players against one another as they compete to earn points by possessing a live bomb while evading their opponents. The longer you posses the bomb, the more points you acquire. Players can slide tackle their opponents to steal the bomb from one another, keeping the game constantly moving.

But players will have to be careful, afterall, the bomb is active. Each time a new bomb generates, there’s a randomly generated timer that is hidden from players that determines how long the bomb has before it detonates. As soon as the bomb starts flashing, players will want to toss the bomb as far from themselves as they can, because anyone caught in the blast will lose a large chunk of their hard earned points.

B.O.O.M. You Win also has a solo mode for people who want to dive right in but don’t necessarily have anyone around at the time. Likewise, AI bots can be added to multiplayer for a similar experience, allowing single players to compete against three bots.

Matches are played on a variety of stages, each with their own unique features and traps. Utilizing environmental hazards and edge-of-stage portals, bombs unexpectedly come from anywhere providing environmental tools for recapturing the bomb, or detonating them near your friends.


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As of right now, a demo of B.O.O.M. You Win is available on Itch.io, but it still has a way to go before a wider release.