Tips for Playing Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour has taken PSVR by storm, but other than a small tutorial on gameplay controls, there is little else helping you on your way. These are ten tips and tricks that I had to learn and figure out the hard way.

Make it Public: Jump right into public matches. You can go ahead and take the three minutes needed to do the tutorial if you want some control understanding, but afterwards just jump right into public matches. You will earn both experience and Crypto currency this way.

AIM Drift: I can handle the visual drift in the VR headset by simply holding in the Options button to realign, but the AIM drift is a killer. While in the lobby and having about 5 or 10 seconds left before the match begins, try putting your AIM controller on the ground and stand back up. Once you see your team again and the match is about to start, kneel and pick it back up. This usually resets the AIM enough for me that I never notice the drift.

Firewall Zero Hour™_20180906205649

Listen before you speak: Invest in some headphones with a mic. Obviously communication is key in Firewall Zero Hour, but so is having ears in the game. I started playing with my PS Vita headset simply because it had an earbud and a mic to get the job done. I slipped on my Turtle Beach’s the next night and man, what a difference. You hear how loud you are being, you hear the direction of opponents that are running instead of crouching, and you hear the direction of the gunfire going down.

Death is not the end: Sometimes it is more advantageous to be the eyes in the sky. Stay in the game and communicate to the survivors when hallways are clear or where enemies may be approaching from. You would be surprised at what one lone survivor can do when he has three sets of eyes covering his entrance points.

Decide on your plan: This is where being in an established party is great, you learn how you handle each of the maps. However, when you find yourself in a random group and no one is picking up the leader role, don’t be afraid to shout out orders: who to group with, who to cover what doors, who’s staying to defend the laptop, if you’re going to head upstairs by yourself to cover high ground for the team. But decide early before people start straying down four separate halls.

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A Crypto Saved Is A Crypto Earned: You will make more than enough to buy anything by the time it is unlocked if you simply target it and wait. Don’t worry about loadouts too early or purchasing that level 4 item immediately. Want that AK that unlocks at level 15 (hint: you do)? You should have more than enough Crypto by even level 10 for it. Don’t waste your Crypto on skins. Focus on the weapon you want and unlocking that Muzzle Brake level 4.

Support Your Fellow Man: Early on, everyone looks to run in with their assault rifle and grenades, but the game has more to offer. Take a look at each contractor and see what plays to your style most, including a support role. I have shut my eyes in regret many times when I finally realize that beeping noise was me activating their trip mines. I have also lost more than one match after wiping out their team because they placed signal jammers around the laptop. When it is your turn to run defense, explore your options.

Firewall Zero Hour™_20180906210748.jpg

More Than One Way To Kill A Contractor: You have a pistol, use it. It can come in very handy when you use an entire magazine to take someone down and there is a second person. Reloading in Firewall Zero Hour can take some time and a quick switch to your pistol can be extremely useful.

Reloaded: Speaking of reloading, remember to do this after any shoot out, especially when you take someone down and the impulse is to rush in to finish the job. The last thing that you want is to  turn around a corner for that kill and find yourself in another firefight but this time with a close to empty magazine. Another tip one of our other writers had was an issue he ran into with the reload animation. If you hold the gun too far away from your body the avatar will let go with the other hand and hold it with a single hand. You will not be able to reload your gun unless both of the avatars hands are on the gun, so keep it tight to your body.

Mini Mapping: The mini map is easily forgotten, but don’t. Your wrist GPS will not only show you the time left, but also show you the whereabouts of any enemy near you not using crouch movement. Great for defense when the enemy has to come to you.


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