Review – Rigid Force Alpha

Side scrolling shoot’em ups are a rare breed these days with noteworthy releases being few and far between. Rigid Force Alpha promises to combine classic Shmups with more modern graphics. As is standard with Shmups, you can expect to pick up upgrades throughout the levels. The best of which are smaller ships that will fly in formation next to you. With these, you can quickly change their positions around you to hit targets harder to reach or behind you. This is an incredibly useful tool you will be using often.

There are other pickups that you will get throughout the level. You’ve got basic attack upgrades and new weapons. There’s not too many of them, but what are there are fun to use. The enemies you defeat drop green orbs that are used to supercharge your weapons and unleash powerful attacks that can destroy almost everything on screen.


Solid Shmup action.

Levels are short so it’s a great game to pick up and have a quick session on, usually taking only 10 minutes per stage. Split across 6 stages, Rigid Force Alpha is a very short game only taking a mere 60 minutes for a successful run, although failing will drag this out a little longer. For perfectionists, there are higher difficulties, leader-boards, and an arcade mode. I will say that for the asking price there’s not a lot there and replaying the same sections will get boring quickly.

Rigid Force Alpha can be brutally difficult, but at the same time fair. Enemy attacks are choreographed nicely and missions play out exactly the same way, so it becomes an exercise in learning the patterns. For me, only a handful of situations felt too unfair with little room to avoid attacks.

The main story mode must be completed in one sitting. If you die 3 times you will see a continue screen that will put you right back at the stage you are on; run out of continues and you will be sent back to the main menu. This lends to the absolutely brutal difficulty that I wish was reserved for a higher difficulty setting. I understand that this a throwback to the classic games in the genre, but it feels outdated in a modern game.


Things are heating up.

Rigid Force Alpha is visually pleasing to look at as you blast down waves of enemies with nicely done explosions and use of vibrant colour. There’s always a lot going on on-screen, but it never gets so busy it becomes distracting. With a wide range of environments ranging from space stations to deserts, there’s plenty of visual nuances to set each stage apart, although some of them can still be boring to look at.

Apart from the voice acting from the main character in the game, the rest of the sound design is excellent. Every stage has its own electronic, fast paced track that really works with the visuals and the type of game it is.

Rigid Force Alpha is an incredibly well made Shmup with a great art style and soundtrack. It is hard to recommend though because of the overall lack of content and harsh campaign.


Graphics: 8.0

Great visual design with tons of pretty effects. Shame the environments can be bland.

Gameplay: 8.0

Fast and fun gameplay keeps things exciting at all times.

Sound: 8.5

Great soundtrack. The only thing letting it down is the voice acting.

Fun Factor: 6.5

Rigid Force Alpha is a blast to play. It’s a shame there’s not a lot to it and having to restart is a bit too harsh.

Final Verdict: 7.5

Rigid Force Alpha is available now on PC.

A copy of Rigid Force Alpha was provided by the publisher.