AVARIAvs Release Date Announced


Earlier in the summer we attended PLAY NYC to check out some really creative upcoming indie titles. It was there that I met the Juncture Media team and talked to them all about the launch of the upcoming IP, AVARIA.

AVARIA is a new turn-based RPG franchise inspired by the early days of Final Fantasy that will release to the public in the form of two different games that have been developed side by side. The first of these two games, AVARIAvs, is a turnbased versus game between two players either online, split-screen, or against bots. Each player simultaneously selects their attacks for the round and then watches as their choices play out in order based on character speed. We wrote a more in-depth hands-on that you can check out for all the nitty gritty, but it’s a great time to be had with plenty of character and ability variations to discover.


There will be one final closed beta this weekend, October 19th-21st, for anyone who backed the Kickstarter. But for anyone who hasn’t, AVARIAvs has been officially announced to release November 8th on Steam. In the meantime, Juncture Media is still completing some final details on the game prior to improve the already great experience.

While AVARIAvs is great for some quickplay competition, should AVARIAvs be successful, Juncture Media intends to return to the other AVARIA project to complete a full-fledged JRPG narrative utilizing a combat system similar to AVARIAvs. When we last spoke to the team, they said that the untitled JRPG is “around seventy percent complete” and they are eager to return to it. But for now, we’ll have to settle for just a taste of what’s in store.