Frontier Wars Preview



There’s a particular niche in board gaming that I’ve always found fascinating: historically accurate wargames. A subgenre that I’ve personally found increasingly difficult to get into. The extensive playtime, subpar components and sometimes painfully slow gameplay have never piqued my interest. Yes, the thrill of experiencing victory after a 1-2 hour session of dueling cerebellums must be intoxicating. But I could get the same satisfaction playing a thirty minute game of my favorite digital RTS (real time strategy game). Well, that was until now.


Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial are bringing a true game changer to the battlefield. Frontier Wars is a miniatures based area control game based on WWII. Players are put in command of one of the 4 major factions of the conflict: United States, Great Britain, Germany and USSR. Now, I know that doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but what makes Frontier Wars special is its promise in providing a similar experience to a digital RTS. Like Command and Conquer and many other fantastic entries in the RTS genre, players can expect to conquer territories through battle, build constructions that will allow recruitment to increase your army, as well as managing your hand of cards (resources) to achieve victory.



Better still the game is designed to support up to 4 players, 6 with the planned expansion.  Recreate famous battles of the largest military clash in history with all your friends. Well, that’s just an option of course. The game is perfect for all types of players, not just those interested in historical accuracy. The combination of simple rules, resource management, exciting tactical movement, alliances and diceless combat make this a title that can be part of any gamers collection.


It’ll probably be one of the highlights of you library as well. With high-detail artwork, great quality components and over 100 fully detailed miniatures, this is one war game you’ll be excited to show off again and again. With highly variable setup, thanks to its ingenious modular board, scalable playtime and variable player driven card system, each play through will be unique and catered to your players.

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If tense tactical warfare that’s easy to learn, yet hard to master, and can play in less than thirty minutes sounds like something you’d enjoy: be ready to put on your combat helmet on January 15th when Frontier Wars releases on Kickstarter. We know we’ll be waiting by the front lines.