E3 2019 Hands-on – New Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale might have been one of the most forgettable Xbox One releases of the past few years. The sad thing is that the game actually had a lot of potential, as it was something completely different from your average Xbox exclusive, but it was filled with small issues that hindered the game from being a hit in a year in which 3D platformers such as Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time, and Yooka-Laylee stole the show. The last thing I would have imagined was seeing Lucky’s Tale appearing on the Switch and with a myriad of gameplay improvements to top things off.


Err… Lucky for Smash?

New Super Lucky’s Tale is, for all intents and purposes, the same base game from 2017, with some very noticeable gameplay fixes. While the game doesn’t feature the same high resolution as the Xbox One version (it was the only title to come alongside the Xbox One X, remember?), it features improved control responsiveness, improved lighting effects, and most importantly, a fully rotatable camera. The neolithic camera controls were, by far, my biggest issue with Super Lucky’s Tale, so to see this actually being fixed makes me feel hopeful for this re-release. There will also be a handful of new levels, as well as some redesigns in a few older levels. Think of it as the director’s cut version of Super Lucky’s Tale.

Even though this was, by far, the least exciting game present at Nintendo’s press-only booth at E3 2019, I won’t deny New Super Lucky’s Tale actually impressed me. I knew the original one had potential if it wasn’t for its gameplay issues, most of which are apparently fixed in this new version. It certainly isn’t a groundbreaking title, but it plays much better than the original version. Who knows, maybe Lucky will actually find a better home on the Nintendo Switch after all. Let’s see how the final product will end up faring at launch, slated for Fall 2019.