E3 2019 Hands-on – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Before arriving at E3 2019, all I knew about this game was the single-line description Devolver emailed me when we were scheduling appointments. I was going to test a “massive multiplayer game”. That’s all I knew, and frankly, I wasn’t very excited for it. Then again, knowing Devolver, I knew they weren’t going to publish a boring dud, even if I didn’t like a few of their games this year. Finally, after playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, I can safely say that I was wrong. This is a hilarious little game that will most certainly become a party staple due to its simple and hilarious premise.


Look at the silly dummies smashing their heads onto the wall…

I can basically describe Fall Guys as a massive multiplayer game show kind of videogame, something not only inspired by titles with colorful graphics and wacky physics such as Gang Beasts, but also wacky game shows like Takeshi’s Challenge and Wipeout. The objective is to survive a series of slapstick minigames, each one serving to eliminate a chunk of the competitor base, and reach the crown at the end of the last trial.

The demo was comprised of three different minigames, but more will be added by the time the game is finally released. The first one was a simple race in which you had to guess if the walls in front of you were solid or just a bunch of light boxes. This resulted in some hilarious situations in which I smashed my face on the wall just like Wile E. Coyote. The second minigame placed all of the survivors in a small arena and your objective was to finish the round with a tail on your back. Those without a tail could grab them from those who had them. It ended up being a hilarious game of cat and mouse in a small map full of traps and platforms. The final minigame consisted of a race to the final goal, where a crown was waiting. The track was full of hilarious traps, such as giant balls and hammers.

I love how simple and goofy the gameplay is. The controls are as easy as they can be. You can move, jump, and grab. The main draw of the gameplay is how goofy the physics are. Each character is completely clumsy and flies like a rag doll in the wind whenever it gets hit. The games are very fast-paced as well. It took me not much more than five minutes to play all three minigames. After the game ended, I was quickly thrown into another one.


An epic race to the finish… all while getting smashed by traps and boulders.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is easy to understand, simple to play, and completely hilarious to look at. This is more of a new possibility for a really addictive multiplayer title that basically anyone can learn to play and have fun with in mere minutes. Its goofy visuals, silly physics, and hilarious levels were all a blast. The game is slated for a 2020 release, and I for one can’t wait to put my hands on it.