Review – Technosphere Reload (Switch)

Technosphere Reloaded is a re-release of a small and generally unknown 3D platformer released on Steam in May of 2019. With it’s release on the Switch is it worth picking up?

The objective of Technosphere is to simply roll your Sphere from A to B, all while dealing with a variety of obstacles in your way, as well as the occasional switch or two you need to hit in order to unlock pathways. That’s it, that’s the whole game described in a few sentences.


Just look at it…

You can jump, break and dash around the map to avoid obstacles. It’s as basic as it gets from a gameplay perspective. There’s limited control over the camera, only being able to move it between four positions. Technically, Technosphere actually plays sort of fine, but everything about the game is just dull and uninspired. The controls aren’t too great either and their is a missed opputunity to use the Switch’s motion controls.

Level design is just poor with bizarre difficulty spikes and complete lack of direction. Every single part of the map looks the same, so when the game shows me a point of interest, I have absolutely no idea where that is. I couldn’t play more than a few minutes at a time because I was so bored with this game. There’s very little actual fun to be had with it.

To say Technosphere is dark is an ugly game on the Switch is an understatement. The lighting here is just horrendous, being almost pitch black at times only to become blindingly bright, with so many lights in an attempt to give it the most generic and dull sci-fi look. It can sometimes be hard to see what the hell is happening. The textures themselves aren’t great either, all of them looking flat and low resolution. I know the Switch is much more capable than this. As you can see by the picture below, a single still can already make your eyes hurt. I apologize in advance.


The lights are really distracting.

The sound department isn’t any better. Technosphere uses the most generic techno soundtrack I’ve heard in a long time. The ball rolling sound just gets grating after a few seconds and the enviromental sound effects such as the elevators are equally as annoying. It’s honestly better to play this one on mute.

Technosphere is a game about rolling balls around obstacles, it’s just as generic and uninspired as this sentence might sound like. Even if, somehow, that’s your thing, there’s not much here due to its dull gameplay, terrible level design, awful visuals and an audio design that is better left on mute. Just avoid this one.


Graphics: 1.0

The game is insanely dark, and I can’t see much of it as a result, but that’s honestly for the better, as the game is even uglier when a bunch of blinding lights are shoved onto your face.

Gameplay: 4.5

There’s nothing technically wrong with Technosphere‘s controls but its gameplay leaves a lot to be desired due to how simple and uninspired it is.

Sound: 1.0

The sound design, as a whole, is pretty terrible. You’re better off playing the game on mute.

Fun Factor: 1.5

Technosphere is a dull and repetitive game with no redeeming factors at all.

Final Verdict: 2.0

Technosphere Reload is available now on PC and Switch.

Reviewed on Switch.

A copy of Technosphere Reload was provided by the publisher.