DLC Review – Journey to the Savage Planet: Hot Garbage

Earlier this year, we covered a new game from 505 Games called Journey to the Savage Planet, which officially released in January. After only a couple short months, 505 Games have readied a new DLC called Hot Garbage. While you’re spending time on the planet ARY-26, the company you work for, Kindred Aerospace, purchases a new planet and they need you to check it out. The new planet, simply named DL-C1, is going to be the new site of Boomerdale, a home for people aged 255 and up, so it’s up to you to make sure that the planet is suitable for living.


Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Quickly after arriving on the planet and meeting the Toucan Sam  version of the puffer birds, you learn someone has been dumping toxic waste all over the planet. Viper, a rival company, began dumping all their waste and left an AI and a bunch of robots behind to stop anyone from touching their stuff. So of course, your first instinct is to touch everything. Slap it all. That’s exactly what Journey to the Savage Planet is all about, slap everything!


They ARE adorable. Slap them. They’re full of milk.

Throughout the short adventure to DL-C1, you’ll meet some enemies both old and new. Scan all sorts of plants, creatures, and whatever else. You’ll even collect some Kindred postcards that must have been taken from the first shop. A few new features were added, like the ability to go underwater. Yes, that nice blue water you see when you show up you can dive right into. There’s also fuel rings, that allow your jetpack to actually work as a jetpack, making certain things much easier to reach and other things, very, very frustrating.


It’s just so.. blue..

You’ll also unlock a few new upgrades to buy on the Javelin. First off is the ability to breathe in toxic areas, which is good because about half this area is toxic. The second and third come from collecting samples from Viper, which is the new version of the orange goo from the base game. One will give you more stuff from plants, like bombegranate or health. The other, which is much more useful, is infinite stamina. All you have to do is find the 6 Viper samples, complete their little puzzles (which is either kill enemies or find panels and slap/shoot them) and make sure you have enough sodium to buy the upgrades.


Believe it or not, this robot is not the boss.

Just like the other areas in Journey to the Savage Planet, this one ends with a boss. At the end of the area you’ll take on Kronus, the Viper AI, in a fairly basic fight because this is not so much an FPS game as it is a more weird collectathon-platformer. Needless to say though, the fight, just like the rest of the game, is full of spectacular humour from both EVA and Kronus.


Take that, Kronus!

If you played and enjoyed Journey to the Savage Planet, the Hot Garbage DLC is a lot of the same stuff. The same humour, some different collectables, and some new upgrades. Basically, if you enjoyed the base game and you just want more of it, here it is. You’re welcome. Hot Garbage took about two to three hours to get all the way through and find everything, including completing the kindex. It’s well worth the fairly low cost if you’re dying for more Grob.

Final Verdict: 9.0

Journey to the Savage Planet is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

A copy of Journey to the Savage Planet was provided by the publisher.