Mansions Of Madness Coming to PC [Updated 1/6/21]

Earlier this week, we wrote about the popular board game Gloomhaven and its upcoming PC adaptation. Thanks to the same publishing company, Asmodee Digital, tabletop fans can start getting excited for the video game adaptation of the Lovecraftian horror hit game, Mansions of Madness.

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The Mansions of Madness board game from Fantasy Flight Games is a cooperative Lovecraftian dungeon crawl where a team of investigators explore an estate filled with cultists, undead, and signs of the Old Ones reawakening. The base Mansions of Madness game comes with four different mysteries for players to solve. With each playthrough, the Mansions of Madness app will vary the game experience, randomizing the puzzles and events that the investigators will need to overcome, keeping it fresh for players new and old. As investigators explore new rooms in the house, the app will instruct players on which map tiles should be placed on the board and what hiding spots can be searched to uncover new clues and goodies. Uncovering evidence will cue key events to happen, forcing investigators to fight or evade tentacled beasts from another realm.

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The development team responsible for translating this cult hit for a new medium is Quebec based Lucky Hammers. According to the GenCon 2018 announcement, this version will be titled Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace and will be forgoing the multiplayer aspect. Players will now control all of the active investigators, instead of just the one. The board game version currently has five expansions available for purchase that add new mechanics, monsters, stories, map tiles, and investigators. As the current version of the game is a hybrid of traditional tabletop and digital medium, it will be interesting to see how a fully digital version impacts both their expansion model, as well as the game’s overall experience.

According to Steam, Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace will be available in the first quarter of 2019 so we’ll just have to wait until then.


[Update 1/6/21]:

Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace has been in development limbo for some time now. There has yet to be any news about a release date, but the game has since been renamed to Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace to include the wider Arkham Horror Files from Fantasy Flight Games.