Review – SYNTHETIK: Ultimate

Back in 2018 SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising was released on PC on gained a cult following overtime. It was a fun little co-operative roguelike developed by a small, but talented independent team. Now two years later it has made it’s way over to consoles but with some missing content that could be a deal breaker for some. 


Assassin is my favourite class due to the hide and seek gameplay.

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is a hardcore twin stick shooter with some rogue-like elements to keep things interesting. Reloading is done completely manually. Weapons can jam as well. It’s a tough and challenging experience that never stops being entertaining even after multiple runs. On-top of this, stopping whilst aiming will increase your accuracy and allow you to line up headshots more easily. It’s more tactical than other twin-stick shooters, yet remains fast paced and chaotic when the action gets going.

Playing on Switch has been a somewhat positive experience, with the exception of a few drops and difficult to read text on the smaller screen. Also, on the regular Joy-Cons I found the game somewhat uncomfortable, especially when fine tuning aiming. I’d highly recommend using a Pro Controller or other Joy-Cons. Unfortunately, consoles are missing one major feature that the PC version has: online co-op with up to three other players. In the PC release, this was a major part of the game’s core experience and seeing that it’s not available here is incredibly disappointing. Thankfully, the majority of SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is still fun to play alone. 

Perhaps most surprising about SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is just how varied the gameplay can be. From the dozen or so classes with their own distinctive perks and playstyles, to the basic breacher that fulfils that standard twin-stick shooter gameplay approach that undoubtedly many will go for. Then there’s the assassin whose gameplay is more about baiting enemies over to him and taking them out systematically, equipped with a cloak to help him get out of trouble. There’s something for everyone here and SYNTHETIK: Ultimate does a fantastic job appealing to multiple playstyles.


SYNTHETIK’s stop and start gameplay is fun.

Then you’ve got the weapons, which it makes Borderlands look amateurish in the amount of variety on display. You’ve got your basic array of weapon classes here: from pistols to SMG’s, assault rifles, shotguns, and many more. Most of these class of weapons have a decent number in them all feeling and acting differently. On-top of this, there’s random roll variants that drastically change the feel of a weapon. It’s entirely possible that you will never see the same weapon twice in your time with SYNTHETIK: Ultimate. I’m impressed with just how much is on display here.

Graphically, the Switch version holds up to the PC version. It’s not the most technically complex game with simple graphics that do the job nicely and allow you to see the action clearly even in the most chaotic moments. There’s a few framerate drops here and there, but nothing too drastic and always remains playable. Sound design is also pretty good, with a synth-infused soundtrack that never gets boring. 

Aim for the head.

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is a fun, fast-paced twin-stick shooter with a ton of gameplay variety that will keep you busy for hours. Even though the Switch version does fall behind the PC version with missing features and a few minor technical issues. It’s still a perfectly serviceable version I’d recommend if you want some chaotic single player fun. 


Graphics: 7.5

Some minor text annoyances aside, the Switch version looks solid

Gameplay: 8.0

Fast paced, tactical, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Sound: 8.0

Great synth inspired soundtrack that pushes the action along nicely.

Fun Factor: 6.5

It’s the same Synthetik game PC players have come to love, but missing co-op makes it a hard game to recommend.

Final Verdict: 7.5

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate is available now on PC and Switch.

Reviewed on Switch.

A copy of SYNTHETIK: Ultimate was provided by the publisher.