Review – Among Us (Switch)

Among Us was crowned the savior of our boredom and sanity during the 2020 Covid lockdown. Even though it was actually originally released in 2018 on Steam, a sudden surge in popularity, particularly thanks to Twitch streamers, resulting in the game actually becoming the most played piece of entertainment in the world last year. The developers even decided to cancel the development of a sequel in favor of a wider release of the original, as well as upcoming content.

One of their first plans to expand Among Us’ popularity was actually something quite bold: releasing it for the Switch. Even if the console is incredibly popular, it is widely known that it’s not the best system to play online games on, given how poor Nintendo’s online infrastructure is. Time to see if this port ended up being a hit or a miss

Hey buddy, you too eh?

Among Us is probably one of the best hide and seek games out there, and an incredibly fun party game. Its online community can be a bit too annoying to deal with, though, as it doesn’t take long for people to start acting immaturely. Thanks to the inclusion of crossplay, you can also play it with PC and mobile players, in case you’re worried the Switch community eventually dies out.

It controls quite well, despite some obvious limitations caused by the lack of a keyboard. Trying to type in sentences quickly only works moderately well if you’re playing the game on handheld mode, with access to the touch screen. If you want to chat with other players, just like in other ports of the game, you’ll have to resort to third party devices, such as Discord.

Finally, I passed with an A+!

A rare thing in a Switch game, Among Us not only features touchscreen support when typing in messages, but the entire game can be played in that manner, just like the mobile port. Some of its tasks, such as swiping the admin card or connecting wires, are actually easier to solve in this manner. With that being said, the game is still completely playable with the joycons or a Pro Controller. It might not be ideal, but nothing’s gonna stop you.

Regarding its performance, Among Us looks and sounds exactly like its other counterparts. This is a great example of a game that technically speaking, doesn’t exactly look impressive, but its art style is so unique and charming that it’s impossible not to like it. Thankfully, it’s the kind of game that won’t look different at all if you’re playing it on a small screen or a 4K monitor. The framerate is the same as in other versions, with the game rarely lagging. A rare feat for an online game on the Switch. We still have nightmares with how poorly Super Smash Bros Ultimate‘s online modes ran at launch…

One down, how many more to go?

Content-wise, you’re getting exactly the same amount of maps features in the PC and mobile versions: three, with a fourth one in the works. The Skeld is the map most people will be familiar with, taking place inside a spaceship. Mira HQ is the most ambitious of the bunch, featuring a long decontamination area that players can be locked in for a few seconds, leaving them as easy prey. Polus is the most aesthetic of the maps included in here, taking place in a snowy research area, and featuring abominable (but adorable) snow-Among-Us-men.

Everything Among Us had to offer in other versions has been gracefully implemented in its Switch version. The sound department is as clean as it was on PC. The visuals are mostly the same, with the obvious exception of the resolution differences. Everything runs smoothly, the online connectivity works surprisingly well for a Switch game, and even the lack of a Switch keyboard can be mitigated by playing the game on handheld mode. All in all, it’s a competent port to probably the only console Among Us makes sense to be on.

Graphics: 8.0

It might not be running at the highest of resolutions, but what matters is that Among Us‘ unique art style has been successfully ported onto the Switch’s smaller screen. Is your 4K monitor really making the game look that much better?

Gameplay: 7.5

It controls well enough on the Switch, even though it is obviously hindered by the fact you can’t type in while performing tasks at the same time.

Sound: 8.5

Among Us’ soundtrack is actually quite atmosphetic, which ended up being transferred smoothly onto the Switch.

Fun Factor: 9.0

The Switch port of Among Us is a great deal if you’re a fan of previous versions of the game, most noticeably the mobile one.

Final Verdict: 8.5

Among Us is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile.

Reviewed on Switch.