Review – My Friend Peppa Pig

My Friend Peppa Pig

Two things have to be understood about My Friend Peppa Pig. The first is this is not a game for anyone outside of its specific audience. That is kids and those who know the franchise. No one else need apply. The second is that it’s an absolute home run in that regard. I originally assumed it was some standard licensed game nonsense. Something that looked terrible and controlled even worse, that only existed to milk the IP. However, it’s the exact opposite and the kind of game I wish existed for my favorite cartoons as a kid. If this was Blue’s Clues, and I was five or ten or twenty-five, it would have been the greatest thing ever. As it is, my knowledge of Peppa Pig is largely nonexistent, but this game’s quality is clear as day. 

I keep calling it a game, and technically it is. But it’s definitely the most non-game ever. After all, this is aimed at young children. Meaning it doesn’t take much in the way of finger dexterity or button complexity to play. Generally, it’s a one to two button game max, with few exceptions. So any parents wondering if their young one would have any issues with it, have no fear. It’s catered exactly for them, and I’d even say functions as a perfectly good gateway to more complex games. And if there’s someone still reading this, wondering if secretly there’s some kind of hardcore experience buried here, I swear there’s not. 

My Friend Peppa Pig Dino

You remember those books Kat Kong and Dogzilla? Here’s the sequel.

The game opens with the ultimate fantasy. Not not that kind of fantasy, you degenerate, this is for kids. You get to build and customize your character to become Peppa’s new friend. It’s kinda like building your own customized character in the South Park games… minus the commentary on ethnic struggles in society, mostly. It’s actually a fairly decent system, and you don’t have to be a Pig either. I’m sure it’s a fantastic experience for the young ones, creating your own character and walking through the game which looks just like the show. Again, exactly like the South Park games. 

After you create your anthropomorphic character, like a true furry’s dream, you then start the game. As for what you’ll (and by you, I mean your kid hopefully) be doing, it’s not really much? If you’ve ever seen a kids’ show, and they do kind of all hit the same beats, it’s just like that. Very simple kid-centered activities, basic puzzles, and lots of helpful lessons learned for all. Which is great for the kids, even if I didn’t exactly find it very engaging. It also got fairly receptive and it feels like there’s a lot less variety then there is. But again, I’m not a kid technically. And have less interest in this IP now than when I started the game. So I’m sure they would get much more out of this then I did. 

My Friend Peppa Pig Visuals

Just in case the orange cone wasn’t enough, they added an arrow to point at it.

My Friend Peppa Pig is not a game most of us will play. However, it’s not your standard licensed nightmare fuel. It was created to be a carefully crafted experience for the show’s young fans. This is reflected in its simple button scheme, simple puzzles, and not much gamey gameplay to speak of. However it looks impressive and perfectly succeeds in delivering the experience of being inside the show. So for any parents with kids obsessed with the show, this game was made for them. 


Graphics: 10

It looks exactly like the show. Need I say more.

Gameplay: 5.0

The gameplay here is incredibly basic by any metric of gaming. Again, if you’re here for some hard hitting gameplay experiences, don’t be.

Sound: 10

It sounds like the show, with voice actors reprising their roles and all the sound effects fans of the show can expect.

Fun Factor: 5.0

If you’re a fan of the show, it’s just like stepping into it as your own customized character. If you don’t know a Peppa Pig from an Old Major, go elsewhere.

Final Verdict: 7.0

My Friend Peppa Pig is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Reviewed on Switch.

A copy of My Friend Peppa Pig was provided by the publisher.