Review – Loop Hero (Switch)

Loop Hero ended up being one of the biggest surprises to release in 2021. Originally released exclusively through the Epic Game Store on PC, one of the first things I thought after buying this game was “this would be great on Switch.” Turns out all that was needed was to wait a few months and Devolver Digital would answer my wishes. Thankfully, I was right and Loop Hero on-the-go was everything I was hoping for.

Loop Hero Switch Memory Loss

What do you mean you don’t remember!?

A brief rundown for anyone who missed Jordan’s review of the PC release, Loop Hero is a 16-bit auto-runner, dungeon crawler, roguelike. Every attempt at the game the map resets into a new loop, build differently. You start with little to no equipment, depending on how much you have upgraded your camp. The end goal of each run is to clear the loop, kill the boss, and live a happy life.

To make your life both easier and harder, it’s up to you how to build up the loop on each run, adding meadows for an increase to how much is healed on each successful pass of go. Adding mountains increases your health and adding various monster houses will increase the enemies you’ll fight on each loop for more loot. Monsters drop gear and space cards. The cards are what’s used to add things to the map and gear is how you’ll make each loop possible. Gear adds Defense, Damage, chance at Evasion, percentage for Vampirism (lifesteal), and more.

Loop Hero Switch Loop Six

It’s already starting to get a bit overwhelming, and this is only loop six.

So that’s the basic rundown of Loop Hero. In terms of the game itself, not much has changed. The Switch release has all the same features, but adds something that is specific to Switch. That is the ability to use the system’s touch screen. While it’s not something I’ve used overly much, this is a really useful addition to help speed up the game for anyone who is too used to playing with a mouse. I found personally using one of the touch screen pens (the things with the rubber balls on the end) works far better than using my finger, I felt like my hand was in the way and I couldn’t see where I was putting things properly.

Double Loops

Double the loops, double the madness.

As mentioned above, not a huge amount is changed in the graphics. This is one of the best games for its 16-bit style. The enemies all look unique in combat, all are distinguished, and yet in the overworld they all look simple. Still possible to tell what’s coming up, but the simplified designs make it easier to tell what and how many enemies are coming up. The music also sticks with the style of the game. It’s simple, but in a way that works for Loop Hero‘s style. The songs are well composed and add to the creepiness and mystery surrounding the loops.


Next to a graveyard you can kill an enemy and get a ghost. Next to two graveyards you can kill a ghost and get a ghost of a ghost.

Loop Hero is a faithful release on Switch that plays well both with controller and with touch screen. The game is completely up to date, and for anyone who didn’t stick with it on PC, it’s a great game to play on-the-go and be able to stop or pause whenever needed. Even though the PC version game out nine months ago, I’m likely to have spent more time playing on Switch already, accessibility really does Loop Hero favours.


Graphics: 8.0

From the simplistic designs on the main board, to the well done renders in combat and dialogue, Loop Hero does very little to look like an “ugly game.” Possibly the only downside comes from playing on a small screen and these maps can get pretty packed with things.

Gameplay: 9.5

One of the most interesting auto-battlers to be released. While you never feel stressed since you’re able to pause at any time and plan out what comes next, you’re almost never able to actually stop what’s coming.

Sound: 7.0

While the music is simplistic and the sfx are repetitive, it works in advantage for the game in most cases. Plus, unless you’re playing docked or playing a story game with voice acting, who plays Switch with sound?

Fun Factor: 9.0

I’m sure there are games similar to Loop Hero, but simply none I am aware of and definitely none that take the style of game quite as far as Loop Hero does.

Final Verdict: 8.5

Loop Hero is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch.

A copy of Loop Hero was provided by the publisher.