Review – Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2

The return of Mega Man Battle Network has been a very welcome one. With the first three numerical games in the series, plus White and Blue, available on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 1 of this collection, now its time to turn our eyes to the next three numerical games in the series, plus three other titles (depending on which version you get), in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2. In terms of the overall gameplay, the series remains much of the same, save for some small changes as the series progresses. There are a lot of similarities from Volume 1 that I won’t focus on too much, simply to avoid repetitiveness.

3D Mega Man Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2

Look, a full 3D Mega Man, with voice acting!

To start with, the updates that are similar across the whole collection, you have access to all the music from the games in this volume. Plus you have artwork for all the games like cover arts, alternate art, and character art. Lastly, the patch and download cards. These are absolutely free to use, meaning they won’t shut off trophies for the game, and can be big boosts. These include big health boosts for Mega Man, and strong chips to use in combat. Much stronger than most of the chips that you can get normally in the game.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2 Shooting Asteroids

Don’t wanna close my eye, don’t wanna fall asleep..

Let’s start on the games. Unlike Volume 1, each of the games in Volume 2 actually feature two versions, being the reason that this one is either three or six games, depending on how you look at it. Battle Network 4 Blue Moon and Red Sun are the follow up games to the ending of Volume 1, and they have a LOT going on story wise. Unfortunately, this collection does miss out on Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, which is a bridge about finding Bass, but that’s okay it’s not a big takeaway from the series as a whole.

Battle Network 4 gets rid of the style changes implemented previously, instead adding double soul. This is the ability to use certain chips to combine Mega Man with the soul of another navi for additional abilities. Outside of that, the fourth game in the series is pretty similar to the others and feels like a natural progression. That said, it didn’t need the fear of a comet hitting earth to add to everything else in the story.

Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman and Team Colonel follows the same premise. It plays similarly to the previous games and continues with double souls. One new section added is a grid based semi (but not really at all it’s just hard to describe as anything else) RTS gameplay segment. Basically you work with whomever is the title character of your version to clear darkness out of sections of the internet, usually resulting in a boss. Battle Network 5 was the game I was least rushed to jump back into, only because I have literally just played it again on my GBA when this collection was announced.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2 Mega Buster

Mega Buster goes pew.

Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gregar and Falzar are the culmination of everything that’s come before. Sure, there are things like style changes missing from these games, but as a whole these are what would be classed as the “perfect” version of Battle Network. Being able to fuse with a cyber beast, playing grid based RTS sections, and battling a variety of bosses. While there wasn’t much added to Battle Network 6, it is a must play to see where the series as we know it has ended.

Folder Edit

Put your folder together effectively, unlike me…

I suppose sensibly, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2 is likely the end of Capcom’s Mega Man Legacy Collection series. While there is the potential of giving the same treatment to Star Force, the follow up series to Battle Network, it’s highly unlikely. Which sucks, but at the very least more people get to try this great series and see it in what is its best form. Having access to stuff like BusterMAX and the patch chips to make the games that much easier, and online guide for the incredibly vague directions, makes it much more enjoyable to tackle this series.


Graphics: 7.5

Just like Volume 1, the graphics of the original games are great, and I like the artwork of the borders, but I feel as though more could have been done with the space than just add some art.

Gameplay: 10

These games still play incredibly well. Whether you play with the D-pad or the joystick, the games all feel smooth and responsive.

Sound: 8.5

The music and effects in the later games started to get less repetitive and use what little hardware was available to them on the GBA.

Fun Factor: 10

These games are great, and with the fact different versions have actual differences, it makes it worth playing all six games in this collection.

Final Verdict: 9.0

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4.

Reviewed on PS4.

A copy of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2 was provided by the publisher.