Review – Power Rangers Mega Battle (Xbox One)

Welcome to the first review of 2017, lads! Unleash your inner 6 year old from the 90s with this small downloadable title: Power Rangers: Mega Battle.


Don’t expect footage from the show, all cutscenes are comic book based

If you think that I’m reviewing this game just to blast it violently like I did with Ben-Hur, I’m sorry to inform you, but Mega Battle is not a bad game despite being based on one of the cheesiest things to ever come out from the 90s, next to Creed and the Rachel haircut. It’s not a masterpiece either, nor will it show up in any award ceremony this year. This is just a small, simple, but okay title. It’s not worth its current asking price (15 bucks), but it is worth getting on a discount throughout the year.


Lack of sparks when throwing a punch is a letdown. Wasted opportunity!!

Mega Battle is a retro-styled arcade beat-em-up which will remind people a lot of Castle Crashers. The premise is similar to that game: arcade vibe, tons of enemies onscreen, skill trees, leveling up, visuals probably created on Adobe Flash, and the fact that it is not quite as fun if you’re playing solo.

Let me talk about some positives. I really liked the fact that each Ranger actually plays quite differently from each other. Not only they have different stats (Red Ranger is the balanced character, Pink Ranger is a ranged weapon specialist, Blue Ranger can withstand more damage), but each one has different movesets and combos. That was something I definitely wasn’t expecting from such a small game like this one. I’d like also to point out that the game plays pretty decently, with responsive controls and quite a nice amount of different attack buttons, allowing you to execute quite a few combos. There is quite an annoying issue with the way the developers implemented the run feature, however.

There is also an incentive for replayability, as Tommy, everybody’s favorite Ranger, is a secret unlockable character not locked behind a DLC paywall. Sadly, his White Ranger counterpart is.


Again, no flying sparks when fighting as a Megazord…

While it is a fun little (and functional) game, you have to have friends next to you in order to fully enjoy it. Mega Battle gets quite boring and difficult if you’re playing alone. And while it’s great that it features local co-op to up to four players, it is quite disappointing that there is no option to play the game with online co-op. That means that, in order to fully enjoy this game, you have to have three other friends and three other controllers at the same place at the same time. Bear in mind that the co-op itself isn’t a bummer, but the fact that it’s local only is.


Those fights look amazing, but they don’t play amazing

One last gripe is with the Megazord battles. They are divided into two stages, and neither of them are actually very exciting. The first stage of a Megazord battle acts like a first person shoot-em-up, of all things, while the second part (the one you can see in the footage) acts more of a QTE and rhythm game hybrid. Surely, those scripted mechanics make the fights look pretty awesome, but it also felt like a wasted opportunity to make this segment more playable, and act like a fighting game, just like the actually decent Power Rangers games from the 90s. It is a bummer, as the Megazord segments are the only moments in which the game’s music isn’t some underwhelming MIDI soundtrack, as it is the moment when the actual theme from the TV show is played on full volume.

And this is Power Rangers Mega Battle. It is a simple but decent beat-em-up, better enjoyed with friends. Its pricetag isn’t very good at the moment, though, wait for a discount to ten dollars before buying it, unless you’re a die-hard maniacal Power Rangers fan. And I know you’re not.


Also available on: PS4