DLC Review – Resident Evil VII: Not a Hero

Not A Hero is a free DLC that directly follows the events of the main game. With Ethan Winters now safe you take control of the redesigned Chris Redfield who is now apparently working with Umbrella and tasked with hunting down Lucas Baker.


They made him look a lot like David Boreanaz, don’t you think?

The DLC does a decent job of explaining why Umbrella is back and why Chris appears to be working for them despite their incredibly villainous behavior throughout the series, whilst also tying up a few loose ends from the main game; including who Lucas Baker has been working for. But it does leave some of the mysteries open for future installments. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the story details are hidden in files and documents throughout the world. Unfortunately though there are some major plot holes and leaps in logic in the final section.


Through the short one and a half hour campaign you’ll delve deeper into the mines and discover more secret areas hidden under the Baker Estate in a more action and gun play focused addition to Resident Evil 7. Thankfully the gun play is a lot of fun here as you cut down some molded and you’re given plenty of ammo and health supplies so there’s room for error. The one shortcoming is in the boss fights, they aren’t bad but they just come off as bullet sponges and don’t pose much of a threat on normal difficulty, though there is a professional difficulty that unlocks after you beat it the first time.

What is surprising about this DLC is the amount of variety spread across this short campaign. One minute you will be quickly trying to escape from a toxic area before your gas mask filter runs out, the next you could be creeping through dark areas with night vision goggles avoiding traps or finding a way to get past the new White Mold enemies which can only be killed with special ammo. It’s exciting and there’s never a dull moment.


For the most part, Not A Hero is a very successful free expansion to Resident Evil 7 that is worth returning for. I just wish it was a little bit longer and the boss fights were a little more creative. But for a free addition to an excellent game I can’t complain too much.

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Reviewed on PC.
Also available on: PS4, Xbox One