Review – Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

You’ve probably seen videos from content creators such as videogamedunkey about it. You’ve probably seen articles about it. Following in the footsteps of last year’s crappy Youtube darling, Hello Neighbor, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is a game that became famous due to the reactions from many youtubers out there, a game purposely designed to be broken, frustrating and infuriating. A game that’s already past the 15 minutes of fame it deserves.


I’ll just leave forever if you don’t mind

Getting Over It is a game in which you control a probably naked man stuck inside a cauldron who needs to reach the end of the sole level available by using a hammer in order to jump over obstacles and climb steep terrain. The elevator pitch isn’t exactly abysmal when you think about it, even if it’s a bit, let’s say, odd. What ruins this game, however, is its execution.

I’m not even talking about the game’s ugly visuals and completely nonsensical level design (the so-called “mountain” you need to climb resembles more of a pile of trash than an actual geographical formation). The main problem with this game is its gameplay.

The game is broken. All you need to do is to control the hammer’s direction with your mouse, but even something as mundane as that becomes a challenge due to the game’s insane input lag. To make matters worse, it’s been said this lag is actually intentional, just so the game can become even harder than it already is. I get it, the developer wanted to make the game hard and frustrating, but there are ways to do it without compromising the actual quality of the final product. Challenging level design is one thing, making the controls a burden for the sake of it is a completely different sin. Is the game beatable? Yes, surely, it’s not technically impossible, but the goal is a lot harder to get to due to the intentionally terrible controls and unreliable physics.



Finally, I need to talk about the game’s sound design. Technically speaking, it isn’t bad: the relaxing lounge music soundtrack is actually pretty good (whether or not that’s just license-free music or an actual original composition is beyond my knowledge). Besides the soundtrack, the game’s creator will constantly talk directly at you during the whole game, be it to describe what a “b-game” is, to tell you that it’s ok to quit the game at any time, or to tell you famous motivational quotes from inspirational people like C.S. Lewis, Abraham Lincoln, and most importantly, Ice-T. There’s nothing as relieving and relaxing as listening to someone say “don’t hate the player, hate the game” (don’t you worry Bennett Foddy, I’m most certainly hating the game) while you’re losing your mind due to a completely broken game. Imagine being repeatedly kicked in the groin to the sound of a relaxing Miles Davis record while someone next to you tells you everything’s going to be fine, while quoting one or two famous motivational phrases some girls post in their Instagram profiles in order to get one hundred likes from their friends. That’s this game’s sound design as a whole.


If by taking a break you mean leaving forever, then we’re sharing the same thought

This game might be intentionally designed to be broken, difficult and frustrating, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the fact it is a bad game at the end of the day. Getting Over It is, purely and simply, YouTube fodder. It may be hilarious to watch your favorite content creator lose his/her mind over the fact this game is downright broken, but actually playing it is far from fun. Experiencing its intentional flaws, all while having to listen to someone telling you that “it’s okay to quit” or using an Abraham Lincoln quote for some reason is extremely unpleasant. Get away from Getting Over It.

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