Review – Drunkn Bar Fight

Have you ever wanted to get drunk at a bar and start a fight? If you have, first seek some help with your rage issues then perhaps play Drunkn Bar Fight instead of actually committing assault. Actually, scratch that, Drunkn Bar Fight is just going to enrage you even more due to how poorly it was made.

Drunkn Bar Fight is a game about love and acceptance. Just kidding, it’s about getting drunk at a bar and randomly beating the living crap out of people. Why? There is no reason why, just grab some darts and throw them at people. Chug some beers and smash your bar stool over the guy next to you, who cares. Drunkn Bar Fight is also about equality, kinda. Women are represented in this game and they will beat the crap out of you. However, if you lay a finger on her you will get booed and all of the bar patrons will automatically start fighting you.


There are three bars you can raise hell in. One is your standard looking dive bar, then you have you upscale balcony party and lastly an old looking saloon. In the original game on Steam you are able to drink beer and grow stronger, but apparently Sony thought that promoted drinking as a good thing and removed that feature. While the aesthetics, items and characters can vary with location, your goal remains the same. But what doesn’t change with each locations is the game’s multitude of issues.

The first issue that will come up right away is the lack of being able to turn your body. This brings up some very annoying situations when trying to maneuver enemies and grab certain objects. Next up to rear its terrible head is the poor motion tracking. Then couple that with bad hit detection and you get a recipe for annoyance. Once hits start to land is when the amazing physics kick in. These physics are laughably bad and there are also invisible walls and a lot of spots where the character will just get stuck. And without being able to pivot it gets very frustrating trying to maneuver away from these pinch spots.

Check out my gameplay for yourself.

The graphics look like they were made in a week using the unity engine. Some character models are better than others, but even the better ones are still terrible. Some characters are reused with just another outfit, some have facial features, some barely do. One of the characters look like the classic picture of a kid’s drawing of their dad. Brown straight pants, blue shirt, round head and no details at all. The environments and item details are also very low quality. The sound design besides the soundtrack is pretty bad and low quality too. I do appreciate the decent amount of unique music provided however.

I’m all for dumb random fun, but there isn’t anything very redeeming about Drunkn Bar Fight. I beat all bars within 90 minutes and there’s no reason to replay it. If it perhaps had the polish of a game like Work Simulator it could have been better, but there’s just so much wrong with the game that there is no way I can recommend it.

Graphics: 2.0

VR isn’t about cutting edge visuals, but these are downright bad.

Gameplay: 2.0

Sloppy motion tracking, bad hit detection, you can’t even turn your body, invisible walls . . . you get the idea.

Sound: 3.0

Besides the soundtrack, everything else is sub par.

Fun Factor: 3.5

Some very small moments of laughter, but mainly because the physics and characters are so terrible.

Final Verdict: 2.5

Drunkn Bar Fight is available now on PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.