Review – Bridge Constructor Stunts

As a reviewer, sometimes you have to review a game that isn’t exactly in your favorite genre. To be honest, I’ve never really been into these kind of building type games and I’m going stay as objective as possible, but this is simply going to be the honest opinion of one gamer.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is an indie puzzle game by the studio Headup Games. It gives you a variety of basic levels and supplies you with the ability to build bridges and ramps in order for you to reach the finish line. This game will provide you the continuous play loop of “build it, try it, tweak it, try it, back to the drawing board, try it again and again. . . and again” until you succeed.

The graphics don’t really impress.

Unfortunately, the visuals don’t impress, especially on the PS4, since they look like a direct port of the phone version. Now, I understand that there are indie games that contain some great visual appeal, especially those that are specifically going for a more retro look, however the look of this game is basic, minimal, and generic with very little creativity in the design. It lacks any visual variety to stand out from a multitude of similar titles especially in comparison to the original Bridge Constructor and the more recent Bridge Constructor Portal.

Bridge Constructor Stunts

Its only tedious if you don’t enjoy it.

The gameplay stunts are similar to the Trials series with the added variety of mandatory level creation, minus the spectacle and general sense of accomplishment. Besides the relief of you finally managing to get your bridge and ramp constructs to not collapse under their own weight, there isn’t a satisfying sense of completion to the levels. There’s also the added challenge of adjusting your constructs and precision speed management to grab any collectibles, bonus points for tricks (front flips and back flips), as well as avoiding excessive amounts of damage to your vehicle along your path to the finish line. I honestly believe that this is a system that would greatly benefit from touchscreen controls but, let me not influence the implementation of the often neglected touch pad on my DS4.

Build and adjust ramps to grab collectibles.

There was definitely sound and music but, nothing worth a discussion. With the overall mobile phone presentation, its pretty easy to gauge your expectation on the quality of the sound design; the music was repetitive and slightly annoying. Perhaps it was the generic, mundane score playing ad nauseam in the background or the frustration of having to hear it, again, after failing to engineer a proper bridge for the hundredth time.

At least you can break stuff.

For the $10 price tag, I can’t even recommend it to the most avid fan of trial and error construction games. I’d probably wait for a heavy sale or perhaps wait for it to appear on a service like PS+ as a free game.

Graphics: 3.0

Unfortunately the PS4 version didn’t get any extra love in the visual department so it still looks like a mobile game.

Gameplay: 5.0

Its not horrible for what it is, but the controls are frustrating and obviously benefit a touch screen.

Sound: 4.0

If I hear that tune loop one more time as my bridge collapses. . . I’ll just say, sometimes a little goes a long way.

Fun Factor: 2.0

With frustrating controls, lack of variety in the visual and level department and an unsatisfying gameplay loop; There isn’t much fun to be had here.

Final Verdict: 3.0

Reviewed on PS4.
Bridge Constructor Stunts is available now on Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One, and PS4

A copy of Bridge Constructor Stunts was provided by the publisher.