E3 2018 – NBA Live ’19

The usual EA Sports suspects of course made it to EA Play, but I must say that NBA Live ’19 looks pretty dang good. We didn’t get too much information from the conference itself, just a trailer, but the NBA Live ’19 website has a wealth of information on new features and changes:

The ONE – “The ONE was our new way to play and really push the idea of seeing yourself in the game via your created character, while giving you the freedom to really explore how you want to progress your player, whether it was on the streets or in the league, playing online or offline, Co-op Live Events or multiplayer Live Run.”

ICON Abilities – “For every Playstyle in LIVE 18, we had these signature abilities. This year, we’re introducing an all-new Icon Abilities to complement each Playstyle. These Icon Abilities will be inspired by superstars, whether it be legends or current day players. These are going to be abilities that you can go and modify as you progress down your path. Think of this as another ability path that has customization built into it with key decisions that allow you to make that ability your own.”

Build Your Squad – “What we’re doing in 19 is, allowing you to build your squad. Not only can you compete in The League and The Streets, but whether or not you’re in the streets, you’ll also be able to go around the world now as we extend the courts out to different global courts where you’ll be able to recruit players that you play against and compete with, then form your squad as you go from game-to-game, court-to-court, and country-to-country.”