E3 2018 – Unravel two

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that into the first Unravel. It was slow, the movement was floaty, and I’m just not the type of gamer that seeks out deep emotional games to get my kicks. I must say, however, Unravel two looks really fun. It seems a bit more lighthearted and more focused on fun fast paced platforming.

I’m not even certain this is exactly a sequel, the “two” in the title seems to just be an indicator that the game will feature 2 yarn characters for either 2-player co-op or just with an AI companion. Either way you will be playing with another yarn buddy at all times. The level that was shown showed some fast paced platforming and a lot of team work sections that look a whole lot more fun than the original.

The most surprising thing is that the game actually launched with the announcement! Check out the reveal trailer below.