10 Tips & Tricks to Up Your Fortnite Game

Fortnite is all the rage right now. Honestly, Battle Royale as a whole is the rage right now. And make you rage it does. But it’s clear for the moment that Fortnite is the Battle Royale game to play. With everyone playing it and everyone getting better, you’re gonna need an edge to get that victory royale that we all murder each other for every day.

Some tricks you probably already know, as YouTube is full of tutorials on how to win a match. But I’m gonna give you some minor and major tweaks and tips that you can implement or focus on in order to become a more rounded Fortnite player. In no particular order, here they are:

Switch to builder pro

If you’re playing Fortnite on console, go into your settings and switch your control scheme to builder pro. What that does is it assigns each building piece (wall, ramp, floor, and roof) to each of the triggers and bumpers. Combat controls don’t change, but you can make your building much faster because you don’t need to cycle through the pieces like you do with weapons.

Learn to cycle through weapons

Find a loadout layout that works for you and get used to it. I tend to do close range weapons to the left, while it gets increasingly long range to the right. With healing items or shields all the way to the far right after the weapons. Fortnite is a fast and dynamic game, where the kind of weapon you might need changes in mere seconds because you either need to reload and don’t have the time or someone rushed you and instead of a hunting rifle suddenly you need your shotgun. Quickly choosing the appropriate weapon and then using it effectively is super important. Learn to swap it up. Fast.

Keep a diverse loadout

Scars and heavy shotguns are awesome, but there’s a place for submachine guns and hunting rifles too. And hey, even the light machine gun can be a help sometimes. Hold onto some healing items, but don’t hoard them because they only count if you SURVIVE the fight.

Collect resources

You don’t have to be obsessive about getting 999 wood, but make sure you have enough so that you won’t run out of material in a fight. Smashing a couch or table will give you 4-6 wood, so it’s worth it to just destroy quick things around you to get that little bit extra. There’s no such thing as too many resources. Don’t ignore quick and safe opportunities to get them. Especially wood pallets. Get those at every chance.

Learn to build

Most people know how to shoot. Not everyone knows how to build and building super well is the difference between the noobs and the pros. Ever watch Ninja or Myth? It’s how they build that sets them apart. Being able to throw up a wall and ramp when someone shoots from behind is often the key to survival. And knowing how to get the edge on the other guy in a build-off is super important too. If you’re still new, then drop on a remote edge of the map and practice there. Or you can practice in the limited time playground mode that will be coming out soon.

Turn off editing assist

When you edit your building pieces you want to be able to do so quickly, but unfortunately the editing aim assist function doesn’t really help. It’ll have you highlight squares you didn’t want to edit. This is different from standard aim assist (which, obviously, helps you aim better with the guns so keep that one on). So turn off the editing aim assist and use that faster editing to your advantage to escape encounters, kill trapped enemies, or just fix your mistakes.

Wear a headset

Hearing footsteps is important and figuring out where shots are coming from can make all the difference. A good headset (or even standard ear buds) is way better than getting the sound from your TV. You’ll be much more aware of what’s going on, and where the going ons are. Then you can respond accordingly.

Keep an eye on the damage you deal

Every time you hit an enemy it tells you how much damage you dealt to them. If you keep an eye on that you can figure out when they’re really low and only need one more shot. You know when to rush them or what weapon to use for the best results. So keep an eye on those little numbers above their heads.

Play aggressively now and then

You only learn to become good at combat if you engage in combat. Fight constantly and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Bush campers might make it close to the top 10 but they rarely actually win. Get some practice in and play games where you run towards the gunfire every time. You’ll die a lot, but you’ll learn a lot too and come back better for it.

Slowly turn up the sensitivity

Being able to get your sights on target quickly is paramount. So the more you play the more you should slowly turn up that controller sensitivity. Even if you decide to cap it off at a certain speed, go above the default. It’ll make building quicker for sure and will also allow you to check your surroundings easier.

These tips don’t guarantee wins, but they’re all more subtle things that I’ve implemented and it’s increased the quality of my play drastically. Now get out there and try to get that win.