BGS 2019 Hands-on – Project Resistance

We are still wondering what led Capcom to direct funds into developing a game like Project Resistance. After two fantastic hits in both Resident Evil VII and the Resident Evil 2 remake, we were all expecting for either a remake of the massively underrated Nemesis or a full-fledged sequel to the 2017 hit title. Instead, the next game in the franchise is an asymmetrical multiplayer spin-off, which I got to play  at Brasil Game Show 2019.

I can sum my entire experience with the demo with one single word: why. Why is this being made? Why is this so boring? Why is this so unbalanced? Why aren’t they focusing on a Nemesis remake instead? This is not exactly a technically flawed game, as it basically uses the same engine, assets, camera style, and gameplay from the Resident Evil 2 remake, but it is extremely flawed conceptually.


Oh cool, having to fight the Tyrant with a baseball bat. Gee, thanks Capcom.

Unlike my previous hands-on preview for Predator: Hunting Grounds, I ended up playing as one of the regular survivors instead of the overpowered Mastermind. Your role is to basically survive the onslaught of enemies summoned (and controlled) by the Mastermind, all while trying to outsmart the villain by hacking CCTV cameras and gadgets that can be used as summoning spots.

What made me dislike this demo so much was the fact that the gameplay felt unbelievably unbalanced. The survivors are weak, slow, and lacking in resources. You barely have ammo to get by a couple of zombies, yet the Mastermind will constantly spawn foes like Lickers, and even a Tyrant, to try to stop you. I have to praise Capcom for actually including survival horror elements into Project Resistance instead of going to back to the full-on action extravaganza from titles like Resident Evil 6 and Revelations. Although, these resource mechanics don’t work very well in a competitive multiplayer game like this. We just ended up dying very quickly, as we ran out of bullets and herbs in a matter of minutes, way before we could reach a checkpoint to purchase more ammo.

Playing the Project Resistance demo was such an underwhelming experience. It’s not a technically bad game, but I don’t see the point for it to exist. It’s unbelievably unbalanced, it reeks of “rushed job”, its premise makes no sense, and above all, it’s just not fun. I play Project Resistance right after playing the demo for the phenomenally balanced and entertaining Predator: Hunting Grounds, so that made things even more disappointing than they already were.