Review – Dude, Stop (Switch)

Everyone has already met that one guy. You know who I’m talking about. That one guy loves to annoy you to death with the smallest of things. Leaving something out of its place, doing the exact opposite you asked for, or just simply crippling our anxieties with small but consistent instances of trolling throughout the day. We all know and loathe someone like that. If you don’t know said person, beware, as it might be you. Dude, Stop, now available on the Switch, lets us become that one guy in a very brief, safe, and absolutely hilarious experience.


Socks and sandals, a perfect pick if you’re 68 years old visiting Key West.

It’s quite easy to sum Dude, Stop up in a few words. Think of it as WarioWare, but with the main objective of deliberately failing every single microgame in order to drive the game’s main programmer (who’s also its narrator) completely mad with your trolling and ineptitude. It’s a very simple premise that works brilliantly thanks to the excellent writing a voice acting.

Dude, Stop‘s narrator is the star of the show. I don’t know who the fella is, but kudos to him. He delivered a fantastic performance in a quasi-The Stanley Parable way. He starts off as a friendly developer who brought you over to test his simple game, but the more you keep trolling him, the angrier he gets, to the point he begins to tread carefully between the realms of sanity and insanity. To make things even more enjoyable, you can actually solve the microgames the way he intended, slowly regaining his trust, only for you to unleash a barrage of disappointment afterwards. The way you drive the poor man mad is already enough of a reason for you to purchase this game, as I was laughing out loud throughout my entire playthrough.


Please. I’d even prefer Impact.

Although you can play Dude, Stop with a controller, the game does feature touchscreen support, and that’s honestly how you should play it. Take the Switch out of the dock, put on some headphones, and play the game as if it was a quick and simple title for iOS. None of the microgames require more than a few touches on the screen in order to be solved, as they weren’t meant to be difficult. On the contrary, the game was created with the idea of being as easy as possible. Failing said puzzles makes things even more hilarious as a result.

With that being said, I have a few gripes with Dude, Stop. The first gripe I have with it is it visuals. There’s nothing wrong with lo-fi pixel art, but in this specific case, the graphics bored me quickly. I like when lo-fi sprites are scattered throughout the entire screen, creating that whole contrast between “vastly detailed” and “simplistic”, but in this game’s case, there’s barely anything onscreen. There might be a few simple sprites and a plain background at best.


I didn’t do it.

The biggest issue, however, is how brief the whole experience is. You can beat Dude, Stop in its entirety in about an hour. Maybe an hour and half if you decide to play every “chapter” again, but solving the puzzles the right way this time around, in order to hear some additional lines of dialogue. After everything’s done, there’s not a lot of replayability in here. I would suggest keeping the title on your Switch for you to show it to your friends (this is a perfect party game), but that’s about it. I really wanted for this last longer.


I used to work in logistics. Dude, this triggers us big time.

I had so much fun playing Dude, Stop that I was really bummed it ended so quickly. Very few games manage to make me laugh like a stupid hyena like this game did. It’s smart, extremely original, and very self-aware. I just really wanted for the game to be a little bit longer, because you can see everything it has to offer in less than two hours. Those will be two hilarious hours, however, and I still recommend this title to any Switch owner out there. Turns out that being an annoying human being is actually tons of fun. No wonder a lot of people did that back in high school.


Graphics: 5.5

The game goes for a very simplistic pixel art visual style, which while charming at first, becomes tiresome quite quickly.

Gameplay: 9.0

Every single minigame is ridiculously easy to solve, as the game isn’t mean to provide a challenge to players. I really appreciate the touchscreen support.

Sound: 10

The entire game is narrated by someone who simply deliveres one hell of a job with his quasi Stanley Parable performance. Listening to him losing his mind whenever you deliberately fail a puzzle is worth the admission ticket alone.

Fun Factor: 8.0

Dude, Stop is hilarious. It’s the kind of comedic experience that lots of developers attempt, but very few manage to properly pull off. While the game is fully enjoyable from beginning to end, it’s very short and features limited replayability.

Final Verdict: 8.0

Dude, Stop is available now on PC and Switch.

Reviewed on Switch.

A copy of Dude, Stop was provided by the publisher.