Review – My Name Is Mayo 2

My Name Is Mayo was originally released in 2016 as one of the console’s first “easy platinum” games. You know, the kind of game released for less than a dollar, with little to no content, meant to be completed in a single run, just so you can boast about adding a platinum trophy to your PSN profile. Some critics lauded it for being some kind of ironic art game (and I can’t, for the life of me, agree with them), while the vast majority questioned its existence. All I know is that the developers must have profited tons with the original game, to the point that they’re now releasing a “long-awaited” sequel, My Name Is Mayo 2.

My Name Is Mayo 2

This will be the only time I’ll ever agree with My Name Is Mayo 2. Take that, ketchup and mustard!

My Name Is Mayo 2 is… weird. It is a vast improvement over its sequel, yet I still can’t help but want to question its existence. The original game was all about clicking on a jar of mayonnaise and reading some random crap uttered onscreen. That’s also featured in here, but there are “storylines” to follow in here, as well as some minigames which feature a minuscule semblance of gameplay, yet are shorter and even less interactive than any of the microgames included in a WarioWare game. But hey, they aren’t lying, there IS more content in here. It’s just not good content.

My Name Is Mayo 2

An accurate depiction of the developers raking all dat cash after releasing the first My Name Is Mayo.

Upon booting up the game, you’re greeted with the familiar image of a jar of mayonnaise and you’re told to click it. The more you click it, the more “stories” you unlock. You’ll then have to constantly get in and out of the pause menu, selecting a new “story” to partake on, and then click on the jar as many times as the “quest” tells you so. Do this until you complete everything the game has to offer. You’ll need to click on the jar TEN THOUSAND TIMES in order to get the last trophy, and as a result, the coveted platinum award for your PSN collection, all while listening to the same ultra happy, The Sims-ish background tune being replayed ad nauseum.

Flappy Bird was already bad when you controlled a bird. Imagine playing a mayo-themed version of it.

Everything revolves around mashing the X button like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you’re playing a bland microgame or just clicking on a jar dressed as a French mime, you need to press X until your fingers fall off. It’s dumb, I know. Road Bustle might be a technically worse game than this, but getting the platinum trophy for that game sure felt less ridiculous. Not to mention that it didn’t require me to press the same button more times than your average Mario Party minigame. You’ll be one step close from developing carpal tunnel syndrome after beating My Name Is Mayo 2.

One click away from beating the game. One step closer to carpal tunnel syndrome.

I get it. My Name Is Mayo 2 is supposed to be a joke game. Some kind of outsider art. Ha ha, hilarious. I can almost commend the team behind it for making such an anti-establishment title like this. But at the end of the day, as a commercially available game, this is terrible. It’s as shallow as an actual teaspoon of mayonnaise, with poor visuals, a nauseating soundtrack, and of course, a dumb gameplay loop comprised of clicking, clicking, clicking, and clicking. If you want to add another platinum trophy to your collection with little to no effort, then sure, go ahead, My Name Is Mayo 2 is the game for you. Just be aware of the imminent carpal tunnel syndrome you’re going to develop.


Graphics: 3.5

Some bizarre drawings that are so absurd that might make you giggle once or twice. Still, they’re not poorly drawn, but they’re all this game has to offer in terms of graphics.

Gameplay: 1.0

My Name Is Mayo 2 revolves around clicking on a pot of mayonnaise up to 10,000 times in order to get a platinum trophy. Other minigames are included in here that “spice things up” a bit, but they’re still all about pressing X like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a physically painful experience.

Sound: 3.0

The same overly happy, The Sims-ish happy tune will be played ad nauseum from the moment you start playing the game until you finally click on the jar for the 10,000th time.

Fun Factor: 1.0

It might make you laugh once or twice, as this is, without a doubt, a piece of absurdist art, but My Name Is Mayo 2 is not a fun game.

Final Verdict: 2.0

My Name Is Mayo 2 is available now on PS4 and PC.

Reviewed on PS4.

A copy of My Name Is Mayo 2 was provided by the publisher.