DLC Review – CrossCode: A New Home

CrossCode is one of the most surprising games of all time. In my initial review I praised its really heartfelt story, strong characters, world and addictive core gameplay. It’s a game that I’ve recommended to just about everyone. I have also reviewed the Switch version of the game myself stating that it felt right at home on the console, given its heavy Zelda vibes. Now we finally have the DLC that continues the story and it’s just as good as you would expect. 

Lea is back in the CrossWorlds!

*Spoilers for CrossCode’s base game*

A New Home picks up right at the end of the base game, with the truth of Lea’s identity being discovered regarding the Evotar project. After a long wait the Evotars have been allowed to return to the game world and this includes Lea’s return to her clan. The clan never managed to finished the Raid and this is where the DLC story picks up. However there’s a lot more to it than that. A New Home delves further into the Evotar project as well as character motivations and in-game lore. 

Right from the get-go A New Home put a smile on my face. The soundtrack is comforting as always and getting to see these characters again was a treat. Lea quickly gets some new words which further improves her communication skills with other players. There are more interesting revelations and plot twists, new characters, returning characters, and more. Very few games made me feel this happy about returning to it but CrossCode is always a joy. Plus A New Home gives CrossCode a very satisfying ending. 

There’s not a lot to really know about CrossCode A New Home. If you liked the base game as much as me you will for sure feel welcome with this as well. It’s very much just more of the same and that’s a good thing. You will still be running around multiple zones, collecting resources, completing side quests and of course the world puzzles that will put your skills to the test. It’s worth noting you do need to have a completed save of the game as well as the good ending to allow you to move onto the DLC so do that before trying to jump in. 

Like all MMO content drops, a dungeon attracts a lot of players

The same addictive combat is put to great use here with groups of enemies appearing on screen at the same time. Requiring you to truly master the games four elements to deal with them effectively. Upon starting the DLC and completing the raid that was left unfinished during the main story you are quickly introduced into a brand new area within CrossCode. I would recommend getting used to the complex combat system before starting this DLC since it does throw you straight in there. Booting the game up after a long break away from it was a challenge. 

A brand new area has also been added to the game. A new beach area that is just stunning to look at with great use of colour. As with every other area in CrossCode it’s full of secrets to find and interesting new enemies to fight with their own unique appearance and strategies. Older areas haven’t been ignored either with some additional content going back to them. 

Though the meat of this DLC comes in the newest and final dungeon for the CrossWorlds. CrossCode’s largest dungeon to date takes the players to Ku’Relo dungeon, where they will discover the truth behind the ancients of the game world. It’s an exciting dungeon that has your typical array of challenging puzzle encounters that make use of the gameplay mechanics, tough boss fights and new enemies. It’s some of the best that CrossCode has to offer and a perfect finale to the game within a game. All in all, A New Home has at least a solid 10+ hours of new content. 

The new dungeon is amazing.

It’s been a surprisingly long time coming for CrossCode: A New Home, and it was definitely worth the wait. It’s an excellent excuse to dive back into the world of CrossCode with its interesting characters and phenomenal combat system. If you are fan of the base game then this DLC will give you a lot more to dig into. 

Final Verdict: 9.0

CrossCode: A New Home is available now on PC. 

Played on PC with an RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 3600X & 16GB RAM. 

A copy of CrossCode: A New Home was provided by the publisher.