Review – Demeo


When I first got into VR, I had a list of game types I’d like to see in VR. An MMORPG, like the upcoming Zenith. An open world RPG like the VR port of Skyrim. A rail shooter, which I recently got in Zombieland: Headshot Fever. A flight simulator like Star Wars: Squadrons. And finally, a tabletop simulator. Whether a proper VR adaptation of an existing board game, or a VR port of the actual Tabletop Simulator. Now within each genre, I had expectations of course. But when it came to board games, I’d never even hoped for something like Demeo. Demeo channels classic Warhammer: Quest, with a classic Dungeons & Dragons aesthetic. What really sets it apart is the incredible high quality of well, everything.

Demeo Fireball

They said pick a card, any card, and I picked fireball.

Warhammer: Quest was first experience both with Warhammer and board games more advanced than Monopoly. And I absolutely loved it. I don’t know if I played it or Diablo first, but it was both that shaped my love for dungeon crawlers. Fast forward quite a few years, and I’ve since enjoyed many in the genre on both the table and the screen. But still, those two remain close to my heart. That’s why Demeo hits so close to home. It’s a classic tabletop experience to the core, using the power of VR to bring it to life. And what brings it home is the multiplayer feature, because no dungeon crawler is complete without a party.

Demeo Dice

There’s a ton of unlockable dice designs, but even the base one is super cool.

It’s as classic a plot as they come. There’s a mad Elvish king, a necropolis that needs to be cleansed, and an evil that needs to be vanquished. You play as one of four heroes in a multiplayer game, or multiple if playing solo. The available classes are hunter, sorcerer, assassin, and guardian. Each one has their own collection of class specific cards, as well as some general items. You get two action points each turn, which can be used to attack, use a card, or move. Put them all together, and you get Demeo. Like all classic dungeon crawlers, this is a dice game at heart, and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter how strategic you play, if the dice gods don’t shine on you, death will.

Mechanically it’s as sound as they come, but what really makes it shine is the aesthetic. The board is set up in someone’s basement, and that masterfully helps set the scene. But the star of the show is the lovingly crafted board. Everything is beautifully animated, from opening doors, to casting spells, to picking up pieces and placing them to move. Something else I really love though is that each board game setting is called a module. And the module cover design is in the style of classic AD&D adventure modules. As I’m also a D&D fan, this is the ultimate icing on the cake. There’s also more modules coming too, so what Demeo already has is only the beginning.


Placing cards, examining units, moving your pieces, it’s all done just like it was an actual tabletop board game.

If I didn’t already have a VR headset, Demeo would have been what pushed me into buying one. As it stands, it’s made me consider buying a second to fully experience some local co-op play. Anyone who’s a fan of tabletop games, RPGs, or classic D&D needs this game. We need to take VR seriously. Because VR is still in it’s infancy, and we already have an experience of this quality, so I can only imagine what’s coming. Even in the immediate future, Demeo has a full roadmap planned out, starting with a new module, called Realm of the Rat King releasing this summer. I absolutely can’t wait for it.

Graphics: 9.5

It looks amazing. From miniature and spell animations to the classic D&D aesthetic, it’s a perfect mix of nostalgia and genuine high quality work.

Gameplay: 10

Demeo expertly balances player strategy and pure chance for that classic Warhammer: Questesque experience.

Sound: 9.0

The music, the sound effects, the narrator: everything is just right.

Fun Factor: 9.0

It’s just as fun as the real thing. Not just playing by yourself, but in multiplayer, either online or even better locally, it’s a whole other experience.

Final Verdict: 9.5

Demeo is available now on Oculus and Steam.

Reviewed on Oculus Quest 2.

A copy of Demeo was provided by the publisher.