DLC Review – GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy

GreedFall from Spiders and Focus Home Interactive took many of us by surprise when it first released in 2019. This ambitious AA title shocked gamers like myself by delivering a rich world, diverse characters, a story with many unforseen twists, and numerous narrative decisions that carried real weight. In short, it turned out to be the best Bioware game in a long time, only not made by Bioware. Now we are being gifted with a new expansion for this unexpected gem, called the The De Vespe Conspiracy. Is it worth exploring the mystical island of Teer Fradee once more? If you enjoyed GreedFall the first time around, then picking up The De Vespe Conspiracy should be a no-brainer.

The De Vespe Conspiracy Aurelia

Beneath her fair exterior lies a ruthless ambition.

The De Vespe Conspiracy becomes accessible about halfway through the game. If you’re a newcomer to GreedFall, then its inclusion will feel seamless and shine a bit more light on the Congregation of Merchants. If you’ve already beaten the game, you can still play The De Vespe Conspiracy as long as you load your last save and pick up the letter that kicks things off from one of your camps. The story won’t feel quite as fluid if you’re playing this expansion after having beaten the base game and there’s a big chance you’ll be over-leveled throughout its duration. That being said, it’s still definitely worth playing. It adds depth to the lore and more insight into several characters.

The De Vespe Conspiracy Mr de Courcillon

Much is revealed within the Congregation of Merchants.

The De Vespe Conspiracy has quite a bit going for it, but there are some shortcomings as well. It does offer a brand new area to explore and some new enemies as well. However, the human enemies aren’t terribly different than what you’ll find in the rest of the game. Called Spadassins, these leather-clad rogues are basically the same as any other assassin-type foes you’ll encounter elsewhere, albeit slightly more liberal with their poisons. There some powerful new beasts called Egsregatt that you can only find in this new area though. These giant felines are powerful, fast, and incredibly agile. I love their designs, but wish there were at least a few other new creatures to tangle with in this DLC.

The biggest draw to The De Vespe Conspiracy is undoubtedly its villain: Aurelia de Vespe. Her ruthless swagger makes her a standout in the long list of antagonists found in GreedFall. She’s as cunning and dangerous as she is beautiful. The perfect addition to the viper pit of high society in Teer Fradee.

The De Vespe Conspiracy Scheme

Aurelia certainly knows how to throw shade.

It should be noted that I played the version that was optimized for the Xbox Series X. I had played GreedFall previously on my Xbox One X and was able to transfer my game saves over to my new system. This is a free upgrade for anyone who had already bought the base game on their last gen system. If you are new to the game, you can purchase the GreedFall: Gold Edition which has all the new quality of life upgrades, as well as The De Vespe Conspiracy as part of the bundle. This version features 4K UHD resolution, a stable 60 fps, and significantly faster loading times. The controls still feel awkward at times, but if that didn’t bother you during the base game, then it won’t matter much here either. I didn’t encounter anything that detracted from my enjoyment of the game in a significant way.


The feline Egsregatt are exceptional at ambushing unsuspecting travelers.

The De Vespe Conspiracy turned out to be an expansion I didn’t know I wanted until I had it. It’s a true-to-form addition to a game I already loved. Any excuse to revisit Teer Fradee is a welcome journey, even if it’s quite short, only taking about three to four hours to complete. Still, it gave me more insight into a few characters I thought I knew fairly well. The new region is gorgeous, the story is just as intriguing as the rest, and the villain is a deadly delight. I encourage curious newcomers and seasoned veterans alike to experience GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy.


Final Verdict: 8.0

GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

Reviewed on Xbox Series X.

A copy of GreedFall: The De Vespe Conspiracy was provided by the publisher.