Top 20 Worst Games of 2018

We’ve come to the end of 2018, a great year for gaming. We played games like God of War, Astro Bot, Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste, Octopath Traveler, and many more. We’ve had a lot of fun with tons of amazing games, but not every release has provided us with moments of joy in 2018. In fact, we had to play some ugly and depressing titles during this year. The following twenty games were the ones which made us suffer the most throughout 2018. Those are the games we clearly want to forget about once 2019 starts, or at least until the first batch of terrible games from the following year arrives. There ain’t no rest for the wicked.



20 – Kirby Star Allies


I got a lot of flack for giving this game featuring one of Nintendo’s favorite characters such a low score, but honestly, Kirby Star Allies just wasn’t that good. Oh sure, it was cute with all of the bright colors, happy tunes, and adorable characters that you’ve come to love from the Kirby games, but there were some huge flaws. This game has companions that accompany you on your journey and unfortunately this makes for too much chaos on the screen. Most of the time it’s hard to tell what’s even going on. The worst part though was how easy it is. How easy you ask? My daughter beat the game without any help. She’s four. Just let that sink in for a minute. – Heidi Hawes


19 – Where Are My Friends?

Where Are My Friends?_20180319130859

Where Are My Friends? deserves a bit of praise for trying to be experimental and unconventional, but all it ended up being was a convoluted mess of a game with no clear personality. It does have a good soundtrack, though. – Leo Faria


18 – ReFramed


ReFramed intrigued me with its ideas and obvious inspirations. I was hoping it would at least resemble a “poor man’s” Bioshock or System Shock, and to give it some credit, it does succeed at that for a brief moment in the beginning. Unfortunately, the rest of the game and its gameplay is absolutely terrible. – Jordan Hawes


17 – Flynn & Freckles

Flynn and Freckles_20180527134233

Flynn & Freckles had everything to become a hit among platforming enthusiasts, as it is a colorful 3D platformer clearly inspired by the Nintendo 64 classics, with great graphics and a nice pirate coat of paint. Looks aren’t everything though, as the game was glitchy and the gameplay borderline unbearable. When the simple act of platforming in your platforming game is a hassle, you know you did something wrong. – Leo Faria


16 – Scribblenauts Showdown


Scribblenauts Showdown is easy to summarize. Picture the previous Scribblenauts games, now remove the fun puzzle levels and replace them with simplistic and uninspired minigames, as well as a very convoluted control scheme. Pass. – Leo Faria


15 – One Piece: Grand Cruise

One Piece: Grand Cruise_20180722223133

Someone decided to sell a One Piece-themed VR tech demo on the PSN store and convince people that it was actually a game. One Piece: Grand Cruise has more or less half an hour of overall content and still costs money. You can have more fun (and replayability) with some VR demos on the PSN store. – Leo Faria


14 – Tyler: Model 005


Another example of a nice concept ruined by technical issues. Tyler had a nice premise and cute story clearly inspired by Toy Story, but it ended up on this list due to one of the worst control schemes I have ever seen. Don’t even get me started with the camera issues. – Leo Faria


13 – Dynasty Warriors 9


How to innovate on a gaming franchise comprised of fast-paced and chaotic battles set in confined arenas? That’s easy, just remove the fast-paced action, the tons of enemies onscreen, and make sure to add an open world because that’s the norm with big budget games these days! Dynasty Warriors 9 is proof that there is no need to fix what wasn’t broken. You end up actually breaking it. – Leo Faria


12 – Gene Rain


Gene Rain might be a terrible game, but I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun with. Mostly by laughing at how amateurish it looked, sounded, and performed. Its voice acting would make good old Tommy Wiseau shed a tear of joy. – Leo Faria


11 – Mad Carnage


Everything about Mad Carnage was a boring mess. From the giant wall of text relaying the story, to the muddied graphics, to the incredibly frustrating movement options for each vehicle. It’s fair to say that nothing about this game was enjoyable. – Heidi Hawes


10 – Pokémon Quest


Pokémon Quest is your typical free-to-play mobile game full of mandatory waiting times, little gameplay, microtransactions, and kid-friendly themes to lure little Timmy to spend a few bucks from his mom’s credit card in order to catch a (very ugly) blocky Pikachu. It just happened to be initially released on the Switch… – Leo Faria


9 – The One We Found


The One We Found was a bit of a mess trying to be an Outlast-style “hide and seek” game as well as a first person shooter. The problem is both of these play styles are horrendously bad. That’s not to mention that abysmal torch the game gives you, as well as the atrocious lighting effects. – Kyle Nicol


8 – Drunkn Bar Fight


My review for Drunkn Bar Fight was specifically for the PSVR version, and oh boy is it bad. The developers didn’t provide a way to turn your character, forcing you to just move forward and back making wide arcs using your head to slightly turn around. Besides that, the game only featured three terribly rendered areas where you just beat up extremely poorly made patrons. That’s it.- Jordan Hawes


7 – Ling


It took me a while to even remember this game’s existence. Ling might not be the worst game of 2018, but it sure is the most forgettable of them all. – Leo Faria


6 – The Quiet Man

THE QUIET MAN_20181103215539

The Quiet Man isn’t just a failure from a technical standpoint. Its overall concept reeks of hubris and pretentiousness. A dialogue-heavy, story-driven beat-em-up without sound is just painful to withstand. After the game’s sound got added via a patch, we also found out that the dialogue and the overall story were just as bad as expected. – Leo Faria


5 – Agony


A game full of ear-piercing audio glitches, PS2-era visuals, nearly no gameplay whatsoever, and vaginas shoved into every single asset large enough to house one, from apples to walls. Agony still amazes me to this day. It amazes me how anyone thought that a game in such state was ready to be released for the masses. – Leo Faria


4 – Super Seducer


Super Seducer features Richard La Ruina, a self proclaimed master of seduction, as he guides poor desperate, socially awkward guys into wooing women with advice that more often than not borders on sexual assault and manipulation. Why this game was made, much less two others afterwards, is beyond me. – Heidi Hawes


3 – Bravo Team


If there was one game that I was completely let down by based on my own hype, that would be Bravo Team. See, Supermassive Games created one of my favorite PSVR games, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It was the first PSVR game I ever played and it is one of the first games I show friends and family that come over to try the system for the first time. Naturally, I was excited for a tactical shooter from Supermassive Games because they did such a great job with their previous title. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a boring, ugly, boring, and generic piece of VR trash that was sold at a premium price. – Jordan Hawes


2 – Little Adventure on the Prairie

Little Adventure on the Prairie_20180314201506

The only reason Little Adventure on the Prairie wasn’t placed at number one was because I paid less than two bucks for it. It might have been a terrible time, but at the very least it cost me less than a drink. It also gave a platinum trophy, forever tarnishing my PSN account. – Leo Faria


1 – Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim

Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim_20180123235540

Twenty dollars. That was the initial pricetag for what is essentially a broken, unfinished, poorly coded Dark Souls clone comprised of game engine store assets and the single worst gameplay I have ever seen in my life. Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim isn’t just the worst game of 2018. It is the worst game in the PS4 library and possibly the worst game I have played in my life. – Leo Faria